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Comfort Height Toilets

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Comfort Height Toilets Explained

Comfort height toilets are designed to stand taller than normal toilets, they are great for taller bodies or less abled users. The height of the toilet is designed to relieve the user of pressure on their knees and joints whilst positing them in a much more comfortable seating position. Comfort height toilets are often called 'high rise' toilets too.

When installing a new bathroom or upgrading, comfort and style is the main priority. Our comfort height toilets are designed with many of our bathroom suite ranges so you get a wide choice of designs whilst having an increase height for comfort. They are also designed dot look identical to the family they belong too with a slightly higher stance, so the design will not be compromised.

Most of our comfort height toilets come with a dedicated seat when specified, please refer to the item description to see the exact specification.

For installation comfort height toilets there are basic instructions supplied and it is like installed a regular pan & Cisten but if you aren't confident when installing, please use a professional tradesman or plumber.

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