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Basin Wastes

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Basin Wastes Explained

At JT Pickfords we have many styles and variations of wastes and plugs for basins. We have the traditional style plug and chain or the more contemporary pop up plugs. All our basin wastes and sink plugs are available to match your current bathroom fittings and fixtures giving you the perfect finished look at a great price.

If you want a basin waste which pops up then you'll need a pop up waste and plug. A flip top waste sits flush within your basin and the plug, usually of brass construction, flips around to create a seal for filling the basin or a gap to drain away the water. Alternatively, you could choose a click clack waste which is the most popular type of basin waste.

A basin waste can either be slotted or unslotted and it's important to know the difference before you buy. A slotted basin waste is designed for a basin with an overflow. If your basin doesn't have an overflow then you'll require an unslotted basin waste instead.

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