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Designer Radiators

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Designer Radiators Explained

More and more people are choosing designer radiators to add style to their bathrooms. We stock a huge range of contemporary designer bathroom radiators in a variety of sizes and finishes to complement any modern bathroom.

Designer radiators come in two different orientations, vertical radiators; a hugely popular design which runs from top to bottom and ideal for smaller bathrooms and cloakrooms where space is at a premium, and horizontal radiators; which run from side to side and have a huge impact in larger rooms.

All of the designer radiators you'll find at are made using high-quality materials and manufactured to the best possible standards. They are created to look stunning in your bathroom but also designed to give you an essential source of heat output for many years to come. Buy your designer radiator online with just a few clicks or feel free to visit one of our showrooms for a closer look.

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